Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Incidence of Covid - 19 in Kerala State &Proactive steps to be taken by Karnataka

  ksge       Tuesday, December 19, 2023

 In view of Covid 19 cases being reported in the neighboring state of Kerala, it is essential to comply with certain preventive &proactive measures in Karnataka State.

The following recommendations of the State's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) are to be complied at appropriate levels, as per reference (2) above.

• As per Gol guidelines, at present there is no need to panic or immediately ramp up the cross border (i.e. Kerala and Tamil Nadu states) surveillance by imposing restrictions, etc.

. However, all bordering districts of the State to Kerala and TamilNadu have to be vigilant and ensure adequate testing and timely reporting of covid cases.

• Testing of all SARI cases and atleast 1 in 20 ILI cases for COVID 19 at all private & Govt. tertiary centers including those in medical colleges, should be taken up.

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) are to be done in the following cases -

I. Symptomatics with international travel history (irrespective of CT value these are to be sent for WGS)

II. Representative samples from clusters / focal outbreaks with severe morbidity and / or mortality.

III. Seriously sick, hospitalized patients, SARI cases, and prolonged hospital admissions.

IV. Cases of Covid-19 re-infection.

V. Infections in individuals who have been vaccinated with two doses.

VI. COVID-19 Death Cases.

The District Surveillance Officers shall coordinate and send positive samples (Both Govt. & Private) of COVID 19 with Ct value less than 25 (not applicable for international travelers) to BMCRI, Bengaluru.

Further, as per reference (1) enclosed with this circular,as a pan India plan, all the districts shall hold drill across all health facilities (both public and private) in the 3rd/ 4th week of December 2023 as per guidelines provided therein. The objective of the drill is to ensure operational readiness of all Healthcare facilities to handle any possible COVID case surge. During this exercise districts shall focus on the parameters mentioned in the referredD O letter from MoHFW.

It is instructed that BBMP & District Administration shall comply with the above instructions, in the larger interest of Public Health.


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